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Welcome to www.GraduateArchitecture.com. We are proud to announce the fourth year of our competition, where architecture students from around the world have the possibility to submit their final project to the 'Graduate Architecture' Competition.

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Click the above link to view the new projects for the 2014 competition. We will update them as they come in so check back with us from time to time. Click here to visit the projects submitted in 2014.


Click the above link or scroll down to view our "Register" section. The deadline for registration is August 31st 2013, please be well on time as not to overwhelm our network at the last second.


Click the above image to go to our monthly prizes section where you have the chance to win great prizes. For the next few months we will be giving away Moleskine™ drawing pads.

We have put a great amount of work into the website to promote your work, and we ask all of you to help us make this a continual possibility. Help us promote you by spreading the word, posting links and of course visiting our Sponsors page. We have limited our sponsors to relevant, quality services and goods in which we strongly believe and are glad to be associated with. Please take the time to review the headline pages, which provides an easily navigable overview of who we are, what we stand for and what services we provide. For any questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact us.



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Mission Statement

Your passion gives us the determination to promote you!

Mission Statement


Welcome to Graduate Architecture, a website dedicated to promote architecture students who are graduating this year and recently graduated architects. The purpose of this website is to make an architectural discussion board in which the work of architecture students is promoted and discussed. The main objective of this website is to publish and promote student architecture work. Because the final student architectural project usually is dear to the student, and reflects a great investment of time and effort, it is a shame these projects are not made public. This is where we come in; to help select the best student projects from around the World. We wish to catalogue the architecture students, ideas and presentation styles that will influence the way we study and form the way we build in the future. Every year, new advancements are made in architecture, but only a small percentage of new developments can be addressed at school. This leaves many students without knowledge of certain advancements, and forces them to do their own research. A goal of ours is to facilitate the process of knowledge exchange, by developing the website as a collaborative information resource, to be shared with all who have an interest in architecture. Another extremely important goal is to show future and current architecture students what will be desired of their final project, and to help them identify consistently recurring methodologies in the work of other students. The projects of others may also provide answers for those students who are trying to determine whether or not their true passion lives in architecture, and can help dispel idealized notions. Last but definitely not least, the body of work serves as an inspirational source for all architecture students. Communication and mutual learning during the study, though the exchange of ideas, is of great importance for every student's architectural development. A future goal of ours is to provide prospective employers with the possibility to approach students who show talent in the areas of design methodology that are valued by the company. This way, we hope to help students find a job that fits well with their strengths in style and design theory. One of our many goals is to help young architects find the right job as soon as they are finished with their studies. With this website, we will attempt to benefit various fields of architecture, from students to professionals; finding design solutions, sharing maps and models and assistance with selecting the right architecture school. Hopefully we will be able to help young architects get projects built and / or find suitable jobs by promoting their work. Per final project presentation term, we will present the 'Graduate Architecture' Student Architecture Award. Since this is the second edition of the competition, and because we are a small independent organization, we would appreciate all the publicity we can get and hope that you will share our goals with fellow students at your university and other institutions you may be in touch with. Any donations or sponsorships will greatly help as to contribute to the growth and continuation of this website, and will allow us to continue for years to come.

Click here to learn how to register and submit your final project in order to have a chance at winning the 'Graduate Architecture Award' 2014.



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Register Edition 2014

Please read all information below in order to participate and register.



This is an International Competition and is open to all architecture students Worldwide. We are accepting graduate architecture projects from students who have recently graduated or are currently graduating in the field of architecture (see Graduate Architecture FAQs for further eligibility information). The deadline for submission is September 30th 2014. All projects submitted after this time will not be considered for the Graduate Architecture Prize of 2013, you will however be eligible for next year's competition in August. Please note that by submitting your project you give GraduateArchitecture.com full rights to use and distribute the work to third parties and for publication, however you will always be the owner of your work and at all times be credited for your work.

GraduateArchitecture.com does not take responsibility for copyright infringement or plagiarism. By submitting your project you agree to the terms and guarantee that the project you submit is in fact your work and you have the rights to publish it (that it is your own intellectual property).

Please follow the following guidelines in order to participate:

Submit in English Language: Please submit your final project in English in order for us to fully understand what you wish to portray. In the last edition, several projects were submitted in a different language and although we did our best to translate them ourselves, it was still very difficult for us to grasp the essence of those projects. We encourage you to provide text in your own language as well, to reach a larger audience. If you do submit a project written in your native language, please include a clear and concise summary in English.

Max. 10 Presentation Boards: Please do not exceed 10 presentation boards (scaled size approximately A4 in size, for an average computer monitor), either in portrait or landscape view to be submitted to Register[at]GraduateArchitecture[dot]com. The total size may not exceed 10mb and should be sent as a single .PDF file. *Save this file as graduate-architecture-2014.pdf

Project Description included in presentation boards: A clear and to the point description of your final project is necessary for us as well as other readers to understand your thoughts. All text should be included in your 10 presentation panels as well.

500 Word Description: You may enter a project description of 500 (or more words). Of course if English is not your native language you may enter a shorter description. We encourage a clean and consice description on your project page. *Save this file as [your-name]-description.pdf

Contact Information: Submit your personal or group contact information in the following format: 01. Project title 02. Names of all participants & e-mail addresses. 03. The university at which you attained your architectural degree 04. The names and contact information of the tutors at your University. Send us this information both in the text body of the email and in a separate .PDF file. Please disclose that you wish opt-out of having your information published, should this be the case. If you would like to have your contact info published, please include this information on the last page of your presentation boards. *Save this file as [your name].pdf

Two (2) Project Thumbnails: Please also include an image that you would like to represent your project, this will most probably be your best rendering or most illustrative picture. (Dimensions height: 270 x width: 350 pixels for the first thumbnail and height: 390 x width: 780 pixels for the second). Click here to download the thumbnail template/ description (served as a guideline, its design is fully up to you as long as you include all necessary information and limit the dimensions of 270 x 350 & 390 x 780 pixels). *Please save these files as graduate-architecture-2014-s.jpg (for the 350x270 px image) and graduate-architecture-2014-l.pdf (for the 780x390 px image)

Send your digital presentation boards and project thumbnail to our email Register email. As the email's subject, only only include your name and university at which you have done your final project. Please don't hesitate to contact us for any questions you might have, but please read our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) first.



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Graduate Architecture Award 2013. (click the slideshow below to go to the page).



We are proud to announce the results of the 2012 edition of the Graduate Architecture Award competition, for graduating architecture students in the field of architecture and urban planning.

Edition 2010


Edition 2011


Edition 2012

Projects Projects Projects

The projects and winners page of 2010 and are online for you to browse through. 2010 was the first year for the competition and a very important one for us. With nearly one hundred and fifty projects submitted it was a edition to remember.


The projects and winners page of 2011 and are online for you to browse through. The 2011 competition was the second year and another great event with nearly one hundred projects submitted, all of outstandingly high quality and depth.


The 2012 competition has come to an end. Click the above image to go to the project pages featuring the largest number of entries to date (300). 2012 has been an amazing year for GA as the quality of work submitted is among the highest yet.

As for the 2013 edition we will be updating this website regularly as soon as projects will be coming in, so far several graduates have send us their projects so please check back soon for updates. If you have a project you would like to enter into the competition please contact us at Register[at]GraduateArchitecture[dot]com.



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Thank you for the support!!


Please take a moment to visit our sponsors. We have selected our sponsors based on the quality of their products which are the winners prizes. These are all excellent products and we are proud to be associated with them.

DETAIL Magazine  
Detail magazine is one of our personal, favorite architectural magazines, as it explores various up to date concepts and technological advancements, while managing to zoom in on the details. At GraduateArchitecture.com we believe that architecture embodies the entire spectrum of knowledge needed to advance a good design. Therefore, ideal architecture addresses all scales of existence, from a strategic and well thought out fit into an urban plan down to the smallest detail. All of which can be equally important in today's world, with the topic of sustainability and the optimization of resource usage. Further more, this magazine is simply a good read and is always interesting. It has established itself in the market as a competitive player while maintaining its integrity by not overwhelming the reader with advertisements. Simply said: we are proud to be associated with Detail magazine!


ArchiFund is one of our greatest contributors to our competition and website. Archifund is an organization that sets up and encourages self-sufficient design, urban agriculture and energy efficiency at various scales of building and design. Please visit their website, contribute to the discussion and of course donations are highly welcomed to fund projects and develop sustainable living methods for lower income families at home and abroad. Archifund is in the process of setting up a design competition for sustainable development. To register and submit projects, please visit their website.




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Architecture Schools

Looking for an architecture school or program? Read below for more information.



Click here for a full list of architecture schools worldwide.. Please note that we are still busy contacting schools and updating this section which will stake quite some time to complete. If your school is not here or if you would like to add a school please contact us at info[at]GraduateArchitecture[dot]com and give us the school name, website, email address, post address, programs and an indication of a tuition fee.


Our 'Top 10' International Architecture Schools.

1. SCI-arc Southern California Institute of Architecture, SCI-Arc (Los Angeles, California, USA) - A truly amazing architecture institute that provides a great opportunity to develope yourself as a well rounded architect. SCI-Arc is the leader in sustainable design and one of the best institutes for computational design. Additionally, and perhaps for many students most importantly, it is NAAB accredited which will be a requirement if you want to become a licensed architect in the United States (with some exceptions, California being one of them).   6. TU Delft Technical University Delft (Delft, the Netherlands) - is among the very best in the world for both architecture and engineering. With World renowned faculty and several amazing programs to choose from. We have not featured Delft in the past few years after a disaster had struck when a faulty coffee machine caused the school to burn to the ground. The future of the school was uncertain and students were placed in large tents. The Dutch government made it its priority to rebuild as quick as possible, recently completing the new school which is better than ever.
2. Architectural Association London Architectural Association, AA (London, England) - Remains one of our top favorite architecture school in the world as it demonstrates being a world leader in so many fields of architecture. Notably the best architecture firms around the world have a tendency to pick up these students as soon as they are finished. This is eventually one of the most important aspects of choosing a school, one with which will quickly set you up with a good job, therefore being a very good return on investment.   7. ETH_DARCH ETH Zurich, DARCH (Zurich, Switzerland) - Is one of the best universities for architecture in Europe. It is notable how many of today's great architects have graduated from this university, including Pritzker Prize winning architects Jacques Herzog & Pierre de Meuron, the very well known Santiago Calatrava, the prominent Dutch architect Hendrik Petrus Berlage and many more. The down side is that there are limited spaces available and very competitive, so a placement cannot be guaranteed.
3. MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT (Massachusetts, USA) - This institute has always been a leader in engineering and today is very involved with all facets of architectural teaching. What is remarkable about MIT is how involved they are with architecture, it is almost impossible to find an aspect of architecture that MIT is not involved with. This will spark your passion as an architect and keep you driven to succeed. Despite the relatively high cost (which unfortunately is very high throughout the United States), we believe it is a great investment.   8. IaaC Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, IaaC (Barcelona, Spain) - Another great architecture institute with a constantly increasing amount of programs including a recently added 'Master in Advanced Interaction' which will be available as of next term. Their Master in Advanced Architecture features, among others, a course in sustainability and self-sufficient design, which can be followed as a one or two year course. This incredible institute is found in one of the most beautiful and culturally rich cities in the world, the majestic city of Barcelona.
4. Danish Royal Academy of fine Art The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (Copenhagen, Denmark) - Another great University we highly recommend. The Danish have demonstrated a great understanding on 'new' architecture and are becoming the forerunners of the modern world. They teach several programs in English at a cost of €5000 per semester for non-EU students (far less or potentially free with government subsidies for EU students).   9. Glasgow School of Art The Glasgow School of Art (Glasgow, Scotland) - Designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh, a former student and world renowned architect. This schools is definitely one to look at to further deepen your artistic architecture skills. The GSA is the only independant art school in Schotland and one of very few in the UK. The Glasgow school of art offers various undergraduate and graduate degree studies which are among the worlds finest.
5. University of Tokyo University of Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan) - The Japanese are leaders in cultural design with a rich heritage in architecture. Not only are they among the world leaders in architectural design but in engineering as well. The University of Tokyo has proven to be among the elite universities in the world and a testimony to that is Tokyo itself, one of the most densely populated cities in the world, is not only a beautiful city but held strong during on of the largest earthquakes in history. University of Tokyo have an impressive list of alumni, including Toyo Ito and Arata Isozaki.   10. American University of Sharjah American University of Sharjah - Due to popular vote we have dedicated a place on the top 10 list to the American University of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates. The students of this university have demonstrated a tremendous amount of enthousiasm in voting for their university. For us this is one of the key factors in choosing a 'best' school, not only the program that it has (which is phenominal at this university, with recognized NAAB accreditation) but also how students react to their education and their level of satisfaction.

*Note: We have left out some schools such as Harvard, Yale and Princeton as you don't need us to tell you that they have some of the best programs as this is expected. From many schools on the list this might be less obvious or expected, all offering an excellent education (often at a lower cost). More and more students are coming to Europe to follow some of the best education as it is often government subsidized yet retaining similar great quality as many of the more well known schools in the USA.



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File Libraries

This section is dedicated to open source sharing of architecture files, ranging from autocad drawings to entire floor plans, elevations and details along with any other file suitable for sharing to make a students life easier.

File Libraries


This section is dedicated to feature the file libraries. Please feel free to send us any files you may have and would like to share. Any architecture and design file is accepted; Photoshop (.psd, .jpg, .png, etc), autocad (.dwg or .dxf), Rhino (.3dm), 3d studio max (.3ds), sketchup, etc. Out of this we will create various libraries of backgrounds, materials, whole models, cities in 3d, topography, etc.


Files and Folders

The great majority of files are royalty and cost free and may (unless stated otherwise) be used for any student or commercial use besides the resale of them. We would of course like for you to referance back to us or third party member if applicable if you do use files downloaded from our site but this is not a legal requirement, merely a courtesy we would appreciate. For more information click the link to go to the files section, software, book and magazine reviews.

Uploading Content

When uploading content we ask that you can confirm that the files are your own and that there is no copyright attached to a third party member. Graduate Architecture will take no responsibility for copyright infringement of any kind and will immediately delete any content which has been illegally been uploaded. By uploading content, you give Graduate Architecture the right to share and distribute the it free of charge to the public unless otherwise agreed to.

Books and Magazines

This section features our favorite books and magazines with reviews and links to where they can be bought or downloaded. We would appreciate if you would follow the link provided when purchasing a product as the percentage we receive from any sales will go to charity and raise funds for the winners of our competition. We also ask you for book suggestions and to rate the books we have featured as to create an updated list of best architecture books..

Sharing and Usage of files

To share your files with us please send us an email with your file attached to info@GraduateArchitecture.com, you can leave your name, contact information and website if you wish as to promote yourself. By submitting a file you agree that the file is indeed your own to share and that users may freely use and distribute your file. You may download the majority of all files for free, use and share as you like. There are a few exceptions regarding a small selection of files that that will be provided by sponsors or a donation to one of our causes.



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Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments regarding our competition or any other aspect of Graduate Architecture.



For a great majority of all questions please refer to our Graduate Architecture FAQs page, in which we have tried to answer all previous questions as well as possible. If however something remains unclear, please do not hesitate to contact us at Secretariat[at]GraduateArchitecture[dot]com. No matter what the question we will be glad to assist you in providing information to give you the most comprehensive knowledge of the best way to enter into the competition. Keep in mind that this competition is open to all and free to enter, to register for the competition all you have to do is send an email to Register[at]GraduateArchitecture[dot]com. For all other questions related to our site, our other sections including the schools, file libraries, advertisement, what we do and all other general inqueries please contact us at info[at]GraduateArchitecture[dot]com.


Information (competition)

Please use this email address to contact us regarding the competition. No matter what the question we will try our best to answer it. Just send your query to our Secretariat and we will answer as soon as possible. We have a FAQs section dedicated to answering the most common questions so please read this before contacting us, perhaps your question is already answered.

Register your project

Please only use this email address to register your project, not for general inqueries. To register your project please send your 10 page .PDF, thumbnail and other information to our Register email. Please do not send this to our secretariat as this could delay the process of registration. Go to our page 'Register' for additional information regarding the requirements of registration.

General Contact info

For all other questions regarding or site we encourage you to use our INFO email we will try to responsd as soon as possible. If you are a school and would like to add your school to our list please follow the guidelines on our page ARCHITECTURE SCHOOLS on how you can do so. We need a body of text and an image along with the necessary emails. For all other information please do not hesitate to contact us.


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